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"We’re proud to say that only 3months, we can bring a design to life. Throughout the tooling, T0, T1, pilot production and the massive production."


Allen Xiong




Top 5 E-commerce companies in China choose us as their exclusive supplier, and coperated more than 3 years.

Quick response & fast delivery is important.

Your order can be tailored. The solution, the packaging, the design and much more.

We usually ship customers’ orders within 7 days.

We accept High Mix Low Volume orders . Any scale of order quantity is dealt with care.

To provide Quality and cost-effective products is our mission and principle.


1. We are reliable supplier for TWS Earbuds, Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger, all of our products offered with VIP discount wholesale price!

2. All TWS Earphone, speaker Bluetooth and wireless charger are 100% tested before shipping, we only sell top quality product!

3. Deffective rate are less than 0.2%, we will 100% warranty if have any defective product!

4. We can ship to Amazon warehouse directly, welcome to be our partners and distributers.


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